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About Us

Roam Wild Designs is a mother-daughter team venture. Alexa is a lettering artist and Jill is a painter and illustrator. We like to create fun, vibrant, colorful stickers and art prints. 

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Jill is the illustrator for Roam Wild Designs. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Design from the University of Minnesota, where she taught drawing, color and multimedia courses as adjunct faculty. As a designer, Jill's focus is on creating harmonious color relationships in her illustrations. She uses a combination of hand drawing, pen and ink techniques and digital programs to create her illustrations. She loves exploring unique color relationships and drawing nature scenes.


Alexa is a lettering artist. She creates all our hand lettered designs and develops the concepts and layouts. She has a BA in photojournalism from the University of Minnesota and is a professional photographer and videographer. Alexa runs our social media accounts and does all of the photography for Roam Wild Designs. When she’s not working, she’s outside exploring, taking nature photographs, flying her drone, or playing the drums.